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The “I.R.S. Scam”

Over the past year the Ralls County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous reports of telephone scams.  The most popular telephone scam recently is the “I.R.S. scam”.    

The Scam

This occurs when an unknown person contacts you claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service.  They will advised that you owe back taxes and will be going to jail if you do not make arrangements to pay the owed taxes.  The person will then attempt to obtain credit card or bank account information from you.

The Truth

Most of these type of telephone scams originate from outside of the country.  The I.R.S. will not contact you by telephone.  They will only contact you by mail.  Never give your banking or credit information to someone how calls you requesting it.   If you feel that you have been a victim of this type of scam, our office will assist you in obtaining a report and work with your bank to attempt to limit your loss.

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